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Stuff I Bot Ep. 17 – Tasty Pizza’s Chicken Caesar Salad

Lola says hello at the start of the video.
We picked up dinner from Tasty Pizza today (http://tastypizzatogo.com). We ordered a chicken strip basket, chicken caesar salad, and Tasty’s AWESOME roasted garlic mushrooms mushrooms. This is also the place that has the best pizza burgers I’ve ever had. I’ve been eating there for about 10yrs now.

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Stuff I Bot – Episode 16 – Cutting The Cheese

I bought more cheese, clinic but this time from Cady Cheese in Wilson WI, capsule and I finally got around to cutting the cheese! Well, I cut some of the cheese while my cats were swarming me around like landsharks… minus the fins.

Check out Cady Cheese – http://www.cadycheese.com


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Stuff I Bot – Episode 13 – Buying Boardwalk… I Mean Park Place in Monopoly

I didn’t buy anything for this episode (got it for free w/Amazon’s Free Android App of the day), but I did buy Park Place in Monopoly. I wanted to show how to buy Boardwalk for less!

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Stuff I Bot – Episode 11 – Sonic The Hedgehog CD

If you’re looking for game play, don’t look here. This isn’t a very visual episode

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Stuff I Bot – Episode 8 – Mushrooms and Dip

I haven’t been out buying much for the last week, but I did buy these mushrooms. I ate some of the them earlier this week.

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#stuffibot – Episode 1

This is the first episode of my new channel, which is pronounced “Stuff I Bought”. I’ll be talking about things that I’ve recently purchased and give you my thoughts on them.

What did I buy for this episode: doughnuts and Mtn Dew from Kwik Trip, Jet-Alert from Kmart, and gas.


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