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Stuff I Bot – Episode 16 – Cutting The Cheese

I bought more cheese, clinic but this time from Cady Cheese in Wilson WI, capsule and I finally got around to cutting the cheese! Well, I cut some of the cheese while my cats were swarming me around like landsharks… minus the fins.

Check out Cady Cheese – http://www.cadycheese.com


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Stuff I Bot – Episode 14 – Cheese ‘N’ Salami

I went to Nelson Cheese Factory again in Eau Claire, WI & bought Cheese ‘N’ Salami, yay!

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Stuff I Bot – Episode 10 – Nelson Cheese Factory

I was in Eau Claire, WI, over the weekend and I stopped at Nelson Cheese Factory. When you’re born and raised in WI, you only eat the best cheese… WI cheese!

Nelson Cheese Factory HQ – http://nelsoncheese.com
Nelson Cheese Factory in St Paul, MN – http://nelsoncheese.net

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