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Secret Of The Ooze (song)

I wrote a version of this track with Ableton Live in 2009, and I decided to redo the track from scratch using Retronym’s Tabletop! Enjoy.

Download the track on Soundcloud!

Created with Tabletop for iPad


Midnight Thought Of Nothing (using Tabletop by Retronym)

Tabletop image for Midnight Thought Of Nothing

Just finished the “final” version of Midnight Thought Of Nothing I started last week w/@retronyms’s Tabletop.  I’m loving this app for my iPad! Check out Retronym’s Website!



I Feed Myself With Kwik Trip Hot Dogs

Originally posted on March 23, 2009


I love hot dogs (or the way I say IT: hut dogs), but not just any kind of hot dogs. I love the hot dogs that used to be 3 for $1 rotisserie style hot dogs from Kwik Trip gas stations in WI.  I loved these hot dogs and once I moved to Minnesota, the only times I would have them would be on road trips. There are Kwik Trips in Minnesota, but IT’s not the same and they’re not close to where I live. During my Indy Pro-Wrestling days, I had created an urban legend with my obsession with Mtn Dew and the Kwik Trip Hot Dogs. The only thing about the urban legend stories, were the fact they were real.

I didn’t start eating the Kwik Trip hot dogs until 1999 when a friend showed me the “rock star breakfast/lunch/dinner.” I would eat them as often as I would eat Taco John’s while still living in Wisconsin.  The hot dogs were just regular Oscar Mayer wieners that Kwik Trip sold in their store.  What drew me to them? I don’t know, but I had to have them any time I would go to a Kwik Trip. IT was my obsession at the time and I don’t even know if the word obsession is a strong enough word to  describe my need to have them. Read more

I Feed Myself With Sushi Fish

Originally posted on on March 16th, 2009.

This is the 1st blog post in a series of 4 where I talk about my love for sushi, Taco John’s, Mtn Dew and hot dogs.

I’ve been eating sushi (or sooshi fish (video below)) for almost seven years and I see no signs of not eating it anytime soon. IT happened during a huge winter storm, which fell on a Friday night March/April of 2002. I went to hang out with one of my best friends and ex-roommate, Bonnie/Rain, because we didn’t have any indy pro-wrestling gigs that weekend. We were too lazy to cook, or didn’t know how to cook, and took a trip over to Byerly’s, an expensive grocery store.

It was after the in-store sushi chefs had left, but their remaining sushi caught my eye. No idea what kind I had, but I picked up some to try and also gross out Bonnie because she hates fish of any kind. I must have liked IT, because I’m still eating sushi today.

I don’t know when I started eating sushi on a regular basis. IT could have been later that year once I moved in, or IT could have been when I started my current job in 2003. Regardless of when it was, I was pretty much hooked, just like those fish, so the pun was intended. I knew there were sushi restaurants around me, but I was too nervous to try anything better than grocery stores.

Don’t get me wrong, Byerly’s sushi is decent, but IT’s the fast food version of sushi. Before I mention the few sushi joints I’ve eaten at, a funny story about getting sushi from Byerly’s. I try and eat sushi every other week while at work. Other than I like eating IT, I love grossing out my co-workers who hate raw fish or fish in general. Read more