Slide on Chopsticks, Slide On

Great, my headphones snapped… at the right side.

There Goes The Lullaby

Something’s Around The Corner #soundcloud

Secret Of The Ooze (song)

I wrote a version of this track with Ableton Live in 2009, and I decided to redo the track from scratch using Retronym’s Tabletop! Enjoy.

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Created with Tabletop for iPad


Midnight Thought Of Nothing (using Tabletop by Retronym)

Tabletop image for Midnight Thought Of Nothing

Just finished the “final” version of Midnight Thought Of Nothing I started last week w/@retronyms’s Tabletop.  I’m loving this app for my iPad! Check out Retronym’s Website!



Stuff I Bot Ep. 17 – Tasty Pizza’s Chicken Caesar Salad

Lola says hello at the start of the video.
We picked up dinner from Tasty Pizza today ( We ordered a chicken strip basket, chicken caesar salad, and Tasty’s AWESOME roasted garlic mushrooms mushrooms. This is also the place that has the best pizza burgers I’ve ever had. I’ve been eating there for about 10yrs now.

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Stuff I Bot – Episode 16 – Cutting The Cheese

I bought more cheese, clinic but this time from Cady Cheese in Wilson WI, capsule and I finally got around to cutting the cheese! Well, I cut some of the cheese while my cats were swarming me around like landsharks… minus the fins.

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Stuff I Bot – Episode 15 – Where’s Waldo Calendar

I know it’s been a few weeks since the last episode, and it’s almost a month since I bought what I bought, which is a Where’s Waldo Calendar.

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Stuff I Bot – Episode 14 – Cheese ‘N’ Salami

I went to Nelson Cheese Factory again in Eau Claire, WI & bought Cheese ‘N’ Salami, yay!

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